Slatted fences are popular with many Australian homeowners today. Slatted fences are modern in appearance and fit well with homes that have Colorbond roofs. But although traditionally, slatted fences were once wooden, aluminium has begun to take the reins. This is because aluminium has several advantages over wood in terms of fencing in general and slatted fencing.

Aluminium lasts longer than wood

Although wood is a classic material that lends a certain look to a property, it is difficult to maintain long term. To keep wood in good condition outdoors, you'll need to regularly reapply a protective coating to keep out the elements, insects and weather. If left unmaintained, wood can quickly deteriorate.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is rust-resistant, which means the weather won't affect it. Aluminium also won't suffer in hot temperatures.

Aluminium has no natural imperfections

One of the biggest weaknesses of wood, particularly in terms of fencing, is surface imperfections. These imperfections, such as knots, can weaken the structure of a slatted fence and take away from its appearance. Aluminium slats have no imperfections and are uniform in appearance. This adds to their modern appeal.

Aluminium is stronger than wood

Aluminium will withstand impact and scratch damage better than wood will. Aluminium will be able to withstand the impact and scratch damage that would cause wood to buckle. This makes aluminium a good choice if you want a sturdy but attractive slatted fence.  

Aluminium won't attract pests

Eventually, the protective coating on wooden fences fades. When this happens, pests like wasps, carpenter ants and termites can move in to take advantage. If your fence is surrounded by vegetation, aluminium slats will ensure that you don't have to worry that insect pests might silently invade your property via your fence.

Aluminium is easy to customise

Aluminium is a great material for slatted fencing because you can customise it however you want to suit the architectural requirements of your home. Aluminium is also lighter than iron and steel, and so is easy to handle during installation. Whatever the limitations of your space are, your fence supplier can customize your aluminium fence to overcome them.

And wood is more difficult to customise, as you can't mould it or change its shape as freely as you can aluminium.

As you can see, aluminium slatted fencing outdoes wooden slatted fencing in many ways. If you love the look of slatted fencing, choose aluminium for its longevity, versatility and unique look.

To learn more about aluminium slat fencing, contact a local fence contractor.