There are many different types of fence that you could choose to have fitted, so why would you opt for tubular fencing? Palisade fencing and chain-link fences both have their advantages, for example. However, tubular fences are distinct and provide their owners with several benefits that you won't get with other forms of boundary division. Read on to find out why a tubular fence might be for you.


If you opt for tubular fencing, then you know that what is going to be installed will prevent children and pets from getting into places they should not go. A typical application for this style of fence is to put it around an outdoor swimming pool, for example. Because the uprights of a tubular fence are made from round sections of steel or aluminium, youngsters cannot climb up them. There is nowhere to gain any purchase to reach the top. As such, they're ideal for preventing younger ones clambering over, as well as dogs and cats, of course. Remember that such fencing is perfectly good for preventing children from accessing a road or a driveway as well as deep water.


One of the most important things to say about tubular fences is that they are modular. In other words, once you have put one section of the fence in place, you can keep going and going. Any arrangement is possible, too. Most of it comes sold in straight sections but you can find curved ones, too, in various radii. Of course, this makes it just as good in home settings as it does in larger, commercial ones, such as on farms.


Wooden fencing has a limit in terms of its longevity Wind and rain will eventually take their toll. With galvanised steel sections of tubular metal, there is no practical age limit you need to worry about. With aluminium, it is much the same. Remember that the metallic finish of this sort of fencing is not the only thing on offer. Tubular fencing can be rendered in any colour you like by painting or powder coating it.


When you install a wooden fence panel or even a chain-link fence, a determined intruder can get past it without any tools or specialist equipment. A stick used as a makeshift lever is often enough to cause sufficient damage so that the boundary division can be broken. With tubular fencing, however, this is not possible because it is welded together. As such, it is much better performing as a security fence.