If you have automatic gates installed on your property, you've taken a significant step toward keeping intruders away. Automatic gates are both durable and convenient to operate on a daily basis.

However, you can also make your gates more secure by installing an access control system. Access control means having a mechanism for keeping track of who entered your property and when. While there are many different access control systems, biometric access is one of the most secure options in the market. These systems use a specific part of your body, such as your fingers, eyes or facial structure, to ascertain your identity and grant access.

Here's why you should consider installing biometric access control to your automatic gates.

Add an extra layer of security

As you would expect, biometric systems are difficult to hack. As opposed to using traditional keys when opening your automatic gates, biometric access adds an extra layer of security to your home or business. You can register the fingerprints, eyes and faces of specific persons you would want to have access.

In this way, they can simply walk up to your gates, scan the body part necessary and have the gate automatically open. This is the epitome of security, style and convenience.     

Keep track of who accessed the premises

Biometric access control also allows you to keep a log of who opened your gates, when they were opened and for how long they stayed open. Biometric systems blend seamlessly with the automated operation of your gates, allowing for the smooth flow of data to and from the gates at any given time.

Using this information, businesses can develop a risk profile of their premises, and homeowners can monitor when their kids came back from school.  

Connect your alarm system

Biometric access control can also be integrated with the alarm system of your automatic gates. If someone attempts to open your gates without using the proper mechanism, you can trigger a silent or loud alarm to alert relevant personnel.

You can also set the automatic gates to lock up when they detect tampering. In this way, intruders will be unable to forcefully enter your property and cause harm.

Easy to maintain

As technical as biometric access control systems sound, they're quite easy to maintain. Due to their durable components, you won't have to change hinges, sensors or alarms on a regular basis. Your automatic gates will also require less frequent maintenance because much of the access control tasks will be handled by your biometric system. 

For more information on your automated gate options, contact a supplier near you.