Tubular metal fencing is a great option for around a pool or in other areas in your backyard such as around decking. This type of fencing is tough, and it also is available in a wide range of design alternatives.

The Durability Of Tubular Metal Fencing

It is essential that any fence you construct can withstand the elements and last for many years, particularly, when poolside and subject to splashing water. Tubular metal fencing is both durable and corrosion resistant. The tubes are typically constructed from either steel or aluminium. Both of these materials are extremely strong and long-lasting. Aluminium is also very light and naturally anti-corrosive. Mined from bauxite, the alumina extract combines with other elements to create aluminium. This metal resists rust due to a layer of aluminium oxide that naturally forms on its surface on exposure to oxygen. Stainless steel made from iron, chromium and other elements, repels rust as well due mostly to its chromium content. Straight carbon steel, which has less chromium, can rust. However, once subjected to either a powder coating or galvanising treatment, it too will resist moisture damage. 

Powder coating involves a process whereby the metal is covered with a dry mixture of pigment and resins. These melt over the surface once the object is heated in an oven, creating a smooth, hard anti-rust layer. During a galvanising treatment, metal is dipped in hot molten zinc which coats the object. This process provides a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. Both steel and aluminium can undergo either treatment.

Decorative Options For Tubular Fences

Another advantage of tubular fencing is the vast range of design options that allow you to customise it to your home. For a start, these fences are constructed with many variations of form. While some are straightforward, others are more embellished. One style, flat top, is built with vertical bars which are, typically, welded to two horizontal rails. One forms a flat railing along the fence top. Within a slightly more decorative design, loop-top fences, a single tube arches over to create two rails. A ring-top design features an ornamental row of circles along the upper section. Alternatively, an embellished spear-top fence evokes a classic look that also discourages climbing. Some of these fence designs will better suit a simple, modern home. Other models are highly elaborate and grand. This fence type can complement virtually any environment.

 As well as varying in terms of design, these barriers are typically available in a range of colour options. The pigments used in a powder coating process, are diverse. This means you should have no trouble matching the fence to your home, to a gate or to other metalwork on the property. For more information, contact a company like Otter Fencing