Cast iron fences remain an attractive option for homeowners installing perimeter or garden fencing, as it enhances kerb appeal, no matter what design you choose. But despite the inherent strength of this material, one of the issues it is susceptible to developing is carrion. The rusting of your cast iron fence would be more accelerated if you live by the coast as salt and humidity will steadily erode the surface of the fence. To make sure that your cast iron fence stays in good condition, you should take the following maintenance measures. 

Protect your fence when the weather changes

Prolonged exposure to moisture would be one of the biggest risks to your cast iron fence. To prolong its lifespan and protect it from undue damage, you should take proactive measures to protect the cast iron fence during the wet season. The first thing to do would be ensuring the cast iron fence is waxed on a regular basis when there is an increase in humidity or rainfall in your area. Secondly, you should invest in a plastic tarp that you could throw over your fence when it is rainstorm season.

Routinely paint your cast iron fence

Another measure you should take to keep rust from developing on your cast iron fence is routine repainting. Painting of residential fencing is often neglected until the fence's appearance has significantly deteriorated. This approach may work fine with materials such as PVC, but will not suffice with cast iron, as it becomes exposed to water damage. For enhanced protection against rust, you should have the fence powder coated. The electrostatic coating of paint makes the surface of the fence impenetrable to water, which provides it with a long lasting barrier against any moisture damage.

Clean your fence on a scheduled basis

Your fence is bound to accumulate a fair amount of dirt. Thus, some people may choose to neglect routine cleaning of their fence as they assume it would be an exercise in futility. However, failure to eliminate dirt as it collects on your fence gives it time to harden and become embedded on the surface of the cast iron. The dirt will absorb water whenever it rains, which in turn will cause rust spots to develop on your cast iron fence. To keep your fence looking as good as new, you should clean the dirt off regularly. If you notice signs of corrosion, use a wire toothbrush to scrape the rust away, immediately clean, and wax the affected areas to prevent it from spreading.