Australia is home to many different types of wildlife. Some are venomous, and some are just simply terrifying to look at. This applies particularly to snakes, as Australia is home to approximately 140 species of land snakes and 32 species of sea snakes. While not all of these species may be venomous, you should still make an effort to keep snakes off of your property — especially if you have young children and small pets. You can easily keep snakes off of your property by installing the right type of fence. Here are 3 tips you might want to know.

Choose a Material that Cannot Be Climbed

Snakes are great climbers and can easily get over most fences. As a result, you'll have to choose your fencing material carefully. For example, metal fences with bars and poles give the snakes platforms to rest and climb and are not very effective. You'll want to choose materials like mesh fences or solid metal fences that have smooth surfaces. Keep in mind that the type of fencing material most suitable and ideal for your property will be dependent on the terrain, the quality of the soil and other conditions.

Clear Shrubs and Plants from the Perimeter

When determining where the fence should be installed, you'll need to take the landscape of your property into consideration. In particular, you'll need to consider whether there are any shrubs, trees or other plants close to the fence that might give snakes access to your property. You'll need to clear a 10-foot band around the perimeter of the property where the fence is to be installed just in case. Get rid of trees with low hanging branches or branches that hang over your property.

Angle the Fence Outwards

Unlike traditional fences, fences that are meant to keep snakes out should be angled outwards from the base at a 30-degree angle. To achieve this, the fencing contractor will need to install supporting beams. These supporting beams must be installed inside of the fence.

Speak to a fencing contractor about the details first to determine what is most suitable for your property. The fencing contractor will need to make a visual inspection and examination of your property before giving you any recommendations. Although the right type of fence can keep snakes out, you'll also want to make sure you get rid of as many attractants as possible. For example, get rid of clutter that can be used as hiding spots and limit rodent activity.