A trailer can be what you need for hauling supplies for your business or your favorite grownup toy for a weekend away. However, you may find that the standard trailers on the market today simply don't suit your needs, which means that a custom trailer may be in order. Note when you might need a custom trailer and what features a contractor can offer so that you know if a custom trailer is the right investment for you.

Custom cars

If you have a custom car, you may need a custom trailer for hauling it! Customizing your car may mean lowering it so that the gate available on most trailers is too steep and would scrape the car's bottom, or you may find that most trailers don't offer the headroom needed for the custom top or oversized body you made for your car. You might also want to create a custom trailer that has certain spots for tie-downs that will keep your car secure while not damaging the body or that has slots in the bottom of the trailer for where the tires will nestle. Whatever changes you made to a custom car, you may need custom trailer may be what's needed to keep the car safe and undamaged when you haul it.


If you have a concession stand, you might want to have a custom trailer built to accommodate your needs in particular. This can mean a larger window for displaying more goods or letting customers see how you work, or for allowing two lines of customers at the window rather than one. You might also prefer a fold-down area where customers stand, to keep them out of dirt and mud while waiting in line. Inside the trailer, you might have built-in freezers or countertops that accommodate all your cooking needs, making your trailer easier to work with when you open for business.


Some trailers might be used for personnel once they arrive at their destination; this is common for construction sites and other such jobs where there is no permanent office. You can have a custom trailer made with windows, an air conditioner or built-in heater, fold-down desks, and built-in storage. You can also have the appropriate wiring run to the trailer so you can plug it into a generator or other power source and have the power needed for computers and other such equipment or have Wi-Fi receivers built in to provide internet access when on the job.