Wooden fences are beautiful additions to any home, but they need to be maintained well to preserve their original look. Harsh weather, heavy rain and regular wear can cause your striking fences to fade over time, so you will need to undertake steps to restore your faded wooden fence. If you prefer to do this task on your own, these steps will help you undertake them. If you're not sure of the DIY outcome, you can work with expert fencing contractors for a professional job.

Clean The Fence Thoroughly

You cannot apply stain finishes to dirty wood because they simply won't adhere to the fence surface, so make sure you clean your fence thoroughly using a garden hose and exterior-grade timber cleaner. You will need to clean the fence by hosing it down, applying timber cleaner on the panels and rinsing it once done. An exterior-grade timber cleaner from a home improvement store removes dead timber fibres and contaminants that discolour the surface and blocks even stain absorption. If you hire professional fencing contractors, they may use commercial-grade power washers for the fence cleaning job.

Make Sure The Fence Dries Properly Before Staining

After washing the fence, make sure it dries before you undertake the process of staining. You should ideally undertake this job on a sunny day because this will expedite the drying process. Keep in mind that you will need to allow the fence to dry for at least a few days before applying the stain on it. If the weather is dull and overcast, then you will need to wait several days. Keep checking the fence to see whether it still feels damp. Once you're satisfied with how dry it feels, you can proceed with applying timber stain on your fence.

Apply Timber Stain On Fencing Surface

Since most wood types grey over time, timber stain will restore its original look to give it a refreshed finish. Exterior-grade timber stains are easily available in most home improvement stores, so you can choose between different colours and finishes to resonate with your home's outdoor façade. A good rule of thumb is to choose a tone slightly darker than you desire because natural sunlight will cause the stain to lighten over time. You can apply the timber stain on your fence using a paintbrush or roller. Once done, the stain will need at least a few hours to dry based on the manufacturer's recommendations. If you're not confident of your ability to apply timber stain on your own, your fencing contractors can do it professionally for you.

These steps are designed to help homeowners undertaking this DIY task. If you prefer a professional finish, you can hire fencing contractors to get the job done.