Automatic gates provide privacy and security for any property, and in some cases, they may even increase a property's value. If you're in charge of the property maintenance for an apartment complex or subdivision, you may wonder about adding automatic gates for the property. Note a few frequently asked questions about such gates and a few things to consider when you're ready to make your choice.

1. Which is better, a retracting gate or swing arm?

A swing arm gate will need more room to open, so space is one of your first considerations. Swinging gates require less maintenance since they don't have a chain and pulley system that needs repair and replacement. However, sliding or retractable gates may be more secure and less likely to be forced open, so they can be the better choice for added security.

2. Are gates always loud?

No matter how it works, an automatic gate should be no louder than a gate to a fence. If you've noticed a loud automatic gate at another property or area, chances are it hasn't been maintained properly. There may be rust along the hinges or the chain may be breaking down so that it creaks and scratches as it works. While a small bit of noise may be expected, an automatic gate in good repair should never be a distraction or nuisance.

3. How do you keep tailgaters from entering a property through a gate?

If you're concerned about tailgaters being a problem and getting onto the property, a good solution is to choose a retractable gate rather than a swing arm. Then, instruct residents to stop their car just inside the gate so it has a chance to close behind them. This will keep tailgaters from being able to sneak in and will then enhance the property's security.

4. Can automatic gates keep out trespassers on foot?

You typically cannot do much to stop someone who is lingering near the gate, waiting for it to open for a car. Security cameras can help to catch these ones and may stop them from standing around the gates. However, a tall gate with pointed finials at the top and which is made of wrought iron bars can be very difficult to climb. If you're concerned about trespassers scaling your gate, avoid a solid design such as one made of wood which offers a toehold for climbers. Stick to bars and finials or another deterrent to keep out casual trespassers.