If your backyard patio is located in inconveniently close proximity to your neighbour's backyard, then a privacy screen is a great way to ensure some much-needed seclusion. Even if you're friendly with your neighbours, you probably don't want to have to wave and/or make conversation each time you're relaxing outside! A straightforward fence will certainly do the trick, but there are some far more aesthetically pleasing options. Any fencing company will be able to install a trellis, and you can then cultivate some climbing plants to give you a privacy screen that is green in every sense of the word. These plants can be kept in pots at the base of the trellis or planted in the soil.  So what are some of the best climbing plants for various climates that will offer a beautiful form of privacy screen?


Best for: Warm Climates

There are many varieties of clematis available, and if you have difficulty choosing, you might want to go with the Clematis Armandii. It's an evergreen plant that produces lush foliage and beautiful white flowers. While it will grow in colder parts of Australia, the foliage will not be as abundant, meaning that it will not offer quite as much privacy.

Star Jasmine

Best for: Moderate Climates

Star Jasmine grows well in both warm and cold conditions, although it will not thrive in the truly cold reaches of the country, such as parts of Victoria and Tasmania. Like the Clematis Armandii, it produces beautiful white flowers. They are particularly fragrant so it can be wise to smell the flowers before purchasing the plants to ensure that you like the scent.

Lapageria Rosea

Best for: Cold Climates

One of the few evergreen climbers that can thrive in a cold climate, the lapageria rosea is often sold as the Chilean bellflower. There are a number of sub-varieties that will produce red, white, or pink flowers in the warmer months. While it only flowers in spring and summer, its foliage is thick enough to work as a privacy screen all year round.

Using a climbing plant as a privacy screen is a practical option that adds significant beauty to your backyard. You won't need to worry too much about maintenance as the three plants listed here are extremely hardy. With a small amount of watering and pruning, the plants will remain healthy and beautiful, and will offer privacy for years to come.