Choosing a commercial fence is very different from choosing a residential fence, as the appearance of a residential fence is typically just as important as its overall security features. When installing a fence around a commercial property, you may not be as concerned with how it looks as you are with how well it keeps out trespassers. Before you decide on a commercial fence and choose the security features you want, note a few important factors to consider.

1. Cautions about an electric fence

It's easy to think that you can just install an electric fence around your commercial facility, but you first need to understand any legal regulations affecting this choice. An electric fence may be prohibited in your area, and even if it's allowed, you may be required to have certain breakers attached to it and certain signage that is always visible and in good repair. Note too the power usage of such a fence and how much this might increase your electric bill.

When considering this feature for a fence, you also want to think seriously about what would happen if someone did get electrocuted by trying to scale your fence. What if someone was simply inebriated or teenagers were daring someone to try to scale the fence? You may realize that keeping your products secure is not worth that risk to someone's safety or even their life, so consider an electric fence very carefully.

2. Open design

You may assume that a fence that closes off the property is more secure, as no one will be able to watch the comings and goings of your staff and the product you're shipping and receiving. However, a tall cement wall or other such closed design also means that police patrolling the area at night cannot easily see if there is someone on the property who obviously doesn't belong there. Take this into consideration when deciding on an open mesh fence versus one that is closed up or solid in design.

3. How to avoid persons scaling the fence

If you are concerned about someone scaling a commercial fence, one of the best things you can do is avoid giving them a toehold. This means not allowing a place for them to put their feet as they push themselves up and over your fence. Opt for vertical bars or a smooth material like vinyl that helps prevents gripping with shoes. This can keep someone from actually climbing onto the fence in order to gain access to your property.

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